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 Johannine Catholic Church

Q.  Is the Johaninne Catholic Church affiliated with the Roman Catholic Church or any other church?
No, we are not. We are an autocephalous catholic church.

Q.  Are your Sacraments valid?
Yes. As an Apostolic Church our clergy and Sacraments are recognized as "valid yet illicit" by the Vatican.

Q.  Do you practice the Sacraments?
We do honor the seven Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, Matrimony, Penance, Holy Orders, Eucharist, and Extreme Unction as part of our Apostolic Tradition.

Q.  How does one become a member of the Johannine Catholic Church?

A.  There are multiple ways to become a member.  We have a page dedicated to the Order of Catechumens.  Please feel free to check it out. 

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